James Gribble

james gribble headshot, empower golf founder and coach

James Gribble is founder of Empower Golf and an Australian who is passionate about golf, travel and people. James worked in investment banking in London for 10 years after completing an economics degree from of the University of Sydney. In late 2008 James broke his neck, becoming quadriplegic. For four years he focused on an intensive rehabilitation program, proving many doctors wrong with his significant recovery. He is now able to walk short distances on crutches and crucially, can swing a golf club.

Before his injury, James had a low single digit handicap and played golf around the world. After a long struggle he is now one of the only quadriplegic golfers in the world.

James has experienced firsthand the very positive impact that golf can have on any individual, be they fully able-bodied or less able-bodied. The psychological, physical and social benefits associated with golf inspired James to establish Empower Golf. Its mission is to make golf accessible to Australians of all abilities.

James Gribble has a strong focus on improving the lives of disabled individuals, working closely with the Royal Rehabilitation Hospital in Sydney. He is also an ambassador for Sargood on Collaroy (a new spinal injury resort) on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales. James combines his passions for golf and helping those with disabilities with the skills of a corporate background to change people’s lives.