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Volunteer with Empower Golf

Empower Golf is grateful for the continuing help of volunteers to ensure that we can keep the financial barriers to playing golf as low as possible

Volunteering can be done on an individual basis or as a team building corporate exercise.

There are many opportunities to make a difference as a volunteer and share your passion for golf! 

We've listed the options below:

If you are a golf player living with a disability you can:

  • Help out at a Come and Try Golf Clinic
  • Help us to build our knowledge base and teaching materials for playing with different disabilities
  • Assist golf pros undergoing disability training with practical experience
  • Mentor new players
  • Office support

For able-bodied players, you can:

  • Assist at our clinics. There are a multitude of tasks that will make the day more enjoyable for our participants
  • Caddie for a player needing assistance to practise or compete
  • Mentoring new players
  • Become your golf club’s inclusion champion
  • In the office, we always need extra resources in marketing, fund raising, event management, and volunteer coordination.

Many large companies encourage their staff to give back to the community, through their charitable foundation. To make this help as easy as possible, Empower Golf Australia has charitable gift status from the ATO.

With the extra assistance of a corporate team, Empower Golf has previously been able to partner with a disability support organisations to run bespoke golf days for their clients. This becomes a truly memorable shared experience for the group and further reduces any awkwardness that might come from trying a new activity.

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Come & Share the Moment!

It is an amazing and humbling experience to share the moment when a person realises that they have found a new activity they didn’t think would be possible, or when someone strikes a ball for the first time after a major accident or illness.

If you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you!